Spring Cleaning – the other kind

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Typically, we all have our Spring cleaning objectives. How many years in a row do we say, clean the garage, lose 10, organize these files, stop this, stop that, make your iPhoto’s reachable and touchable to “The Cloud”, download, purge, be good?

I am done with that. So, let’s reflect on the “other kind of Spring cleaning”. Off I go to Warren (oh it’s so far!) to savor and reflect at The Coffee Depot on Main Street.

The Coffee Depot is a stomping ground superb- a quiet, unassuming café to sit, socialize or complete a project. Love this.

Once there, how about pulling out a blank (or plain and simple tablet) notebook and reviewing your thoughts, desires, hopes and dreams forever, not just for the New Year. This is completed with cozy ambiance, artisanal teas, delish coffee and freshly baked goods.

Forget all and be Zen- just be with The Java.

Along with the spring cleaning at The Coffee Depot, I am thinking of Spring with a mid-life-crisis-eye. Yes, I see estate planning, I see wills, I see selling and buying real-estate, I see making my business grow bigger, smaller. I am now panicked at the real spring cleaning I need to do. Luckily, no one is noticing my notebook notes to self, furrowed eyebrows and intense thinking. That’s why I love this place.

My perfect moment of introspection at The Depot is complimented by my interview with Stella Guerra. Stella, a BBA (Barrington Business Association) member and local attorney, is here with me at The Coffee Depot. With porcelain coffee mugs in hand, we converse privately and without interruption about her legal services.

Stella is all about putting your affairs in order and making legal things simple. She can assist with downsizing, buying or selling a home, revamping your business, starting a business, selling as well as expanding/merging your business. She can organize your financial papers, “tidy up” your legal affairs, wills and trusts.

As I sit in The Coffee Depot talking with Stella, a woman I have met maybe twice, but do adore and admire, I take a deep sip of my coffee. How nice to have uninterrupted conversation in a setting with New England ambiance. It is delightful to be welcomed always at a local location with privacy, warmth, class and fab drinks and deserts and, on occasion, music and art exhibits. The Coffee Depot is waiting for you…and Stella Guerra is ready, when you are, for your Spring Cleaning- the other kind.

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