Updated: Jan 10, 2019

It used to be easier, I suppose, way back when we only needed our Dove soap, Nivea Cream and Jolene Bleach. If you were fancy, you indulged in a home-made remedy such as a masque or mud-pack. I remember using egg whites for my masque and sometimes oatmeal. (It almost became lunch!)  Oh, and the famous Queen Helen Mint Julep Mask - a dark leafy green, muddy goop that you slathered over your entire face, whites of your eyes and teeth flashing, and head wrapped in an Egyptian cotton terry turban.

My mother regularly used the Queen Helen and, as a young girl, I followed suit. Once your pores started peeking through the dried caked-on mud, you “were ready”. We then seemed to glow the entire day - becoming instant “shiny, happy people”.

In addition to cleansing, steaming our faces with boiled kettle water over the sink, and various putty masques, the seventies and eighties definitely had its own agenda with tanning. There were those indoor tanning lights, you know, but if it was seasonable and sunny, you would be outside slathered in baby oil with a mirrored 3-tiered piece of cardboard. Shake and bake all the way. When real UV rays, artificial or natural, were not readily available, it was time for the tanning creams in 50 shades of light orange and faded terra cotta. Those days have abruptly ended and the dawn of exclusive skin care, remedies and natural treatments has taken hold.

Flash forward to 2017. We are now sunless (and scared) but want a sun-kissed look, a dewy, soft, supple, wrinkle-free, puffy-less freshness. Skin care treatments and products have pinnacled into not only high quality creams and gels but scientifically-based remedies, hair removal, facials, peels, microdermabrasion and LED’s.

Here in Barrington, we are fortunate to have a private, exclusive skin spa owned and operated for over 14 years by Ms. Lynne Beaulieu: Simply SkinLynne, a licensed esthetician, is warm, personable and meticulous with her clients. She provides the ultimate in personalized skin care in a private and serene studio. Lynne customizes your skin needs and provides you with essential and professional expertise.

Simply Skin has recently taken services to more in-depth clinical skin treatments for anti-aging, acne and rosacea.

These include the integration of advanced peels, micro peels, micro dermabrasion, dermaplaning and now the new and fabulous LED light treatments- a safe and effective way to treat aging skin, acne, rosacea as well as to build up collagen and elastin, improve skin firmness, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Additionally, the list of facials is endless: anti-collagen facial, acne detox facial, men’s fitness facial, teen facial, express facial, vitamin K infusion facial, vitamin C infusion facial, intensive rehydration facial and the Simply Skin Signature and Ultimate Facial.

Lynne’s products feature the exclusive PSA skin-care line and include retinols, tinted sunscreens and body creams. One of my personal favorites is the “O2 lift facial”, which allows you to be “red carpet ready”. This facial is a luxurious treatment that infuses oxygen, plant stem cells, peptides and enzymes and leaves the skin luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated. Be sure to check out all Simply Skin’s professional services and products. Queen Helen Mint Julep Mask, you are so yesterday.

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