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Updated: Jan 10, 2019

I cannot contain the excitement.

Fall is here. No, it’s not. Yes, it is.  As much as we throw ourselves into denial we are catapulted into the back to school, pumpkin-fest, sports-laden, Halloween-calling season. It is mildly depressing to see the displays in August with a Thanksgiving prelude.  Yes, as my friend, Debbi, always asks, “Who are these people?  Identify yourself. You with your October Christmas wreath displays!”

Deep breath.

I have found a seasonal solution for those of us who are longing for a better way. A solution that carries us from September right into post -Thanksgiving, tryptophan-induced napping. From frigid, barren February right back to lush summer.  The store Linen and Concrete, on Maple Avenue, Barrington, has beautiful vessels, urns, pottery and household items, even jewelry.  Here, I discovered inspiring containers, lovely Scandinavian-style garden pieces all in neutral shades of cream, white and gray. The look is clean, simple and earthy, and provides a soft, serene backdrop for seasonal decorating on mantels, table tops, centerpieces and buffets. These containers will become your fireplace hearth decor, dining table centerpieces, and can be tucked into our home’s nooks and crannies that we love and want our guests to admire.

At Linen and Concrete, I also discovered tea lights and candle holders.  I loved the sculptural shapes and geometric lines of these items; they are easily layered with the urns, pottery and mix well with the tasteful textiles, pillows and linens that you will also find at this store. What a refreshing and elegant concept!  The owner, Keri Carlson Marino, has fashioned a delightful and graceful store, she is lovely, eager to help and inspiring. Start your fall decorating now by taking a stroll into this four-season gem.

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