Here’s Looking at you, Ginger!

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

The dog days of summer are leading to my anticipation of the new school year…

So I totally get it.  The dog thing.  We finally have our first dog, Ginger, and she is the best, sweetest, shaggiest puppy.  She’s not a toy dog so I figured we would not be outfitting her or fussing her up.  Wrong!

Before I knew it, I found myself at Styles Unleashed Pet Boutique and Grooming Salon on Waseca in Barrington, purchasing barrettes for her and admiring fall sweater coats.  Then there were the treats to chew- yummy,  safe, and healthy. I even caved to a decorative dog placemat.

All this talk about kids going back to school makes me now think of a leisurely stroll around town with Ginger, in September.  Then there’s the dress-up for special occasions, which actually turns into dress-up excuses.

I returned to Styles Unleashed and dove into some more goodies. This time, with Ginger, in tow.  I reveled in the jeweled barrettes, the bows, the studded collars, the endless chewy treats, the cookies and the dog friendly munchies.  I eyed the embroidered jean jacket and rain coat. So… we gave it a go!  Why?  Because it’s so silly and fun, similar to when you paint your nails a wild color or put on a flashy belt.  Admit it, it’s a mood booster to see your Fido in a rain jacket, wagging his tail vigorously as he munches on the dried sweet potato.

Ah Ginger, your baubles and fanfare look fabulous, but we know it’s actually really about us, the owners, admiring our own pets and how our pets make us feel! Why?  Just because and because we can.

Take your Fido into Styles Unleashed and get him ready for some back to school style.  Go ahead, you know you want to!

InspirationThe hair bows and jeweled collars at Styles Unleashed, the fall sweaters, the poncho-esque wraps and some doggone good-smelling fragrances, home accessories and grooming splurges. 

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