For the Love of Leon’s

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Leon’s, oh where have you been? Ah, in Barrington now as Leon’s Café and Catering! I recently met Leon’s owner and Chef Bill Andrews, and he prepared outstanding light bites and treats for a ladies group I hosted.

Now, there are three things that make a great party: food, music and wonderful friends. I always like to add two more: soft lighting and no fuss preparation. Did you know that The Barefoot Contessa has changed her ways? She wants to enjoy her guests more, so she limits her homemade dishes for dinner parties to three and preps all her no-bake appetizers in advance.  Smart!

So, why not consider a fuss-free get together with all the above? Leon’s Cafe and Catering, located at 230 Waseca Avenue in Barrington is your place. Here, you are sure to find a chef who combines talented culinary skills with genuine care about customer satisfaction.

Chef Bill infuses all his creations with an eclectic balance of old-school diner foods, American, Mediterranean, Italian, Asian and Tex-Mex Cuisine. Luckily for us locals, he now makes Barrington his primary business location and specializes in catering as well as serving lunch and dinner.

Recently, I had my ladies group over and turned to Chef Bill to create pretty, delicious and fork-less bites. I was amazed by the careful, meticulous and artisan preparation of each appetizer: from phyllo triangles, grape leaves, cucumber cups with smoked salmon and horseradish cream cheese, to curried chicken spread in phyllo cups, bruschetta with caprese topping, and fruit kabobs with a vanilla creme dipping sauce. Great food, no fuss, relaxed hostess!


Leon’s Cafe and Catering


Ladies Group, Ladies Club, an afternoon “sip, munch and learn”.


Shades of pink with purple, lilac tablecloths, various mixed-sized urns and small bowls for hydrangeas and spider mums, fun pastel napkins with vintage photos and fun quotes.


Leon’s fork-less bites, my friend Natalia’s famous Sangria, topped off with pastel cupcakes on a tiered stand decorated with summer berries.

For Your Ears Only

Bebel Gilberto Pandora

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