One and Done

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

The Ultimate Errand Fairy for the Holiday Season and Beyond.

I like juggling but would prefer it stays at the circus.  We all remember those vivid 2 a.m. moments of anxiety, especially during the holiday season. I always think, “Where is that elf to just whittle away these errands? Could the tooth fairy pitch in for a day or so?  How are we possibly going to do X-Y-Z?”  Now, these are not the chores of those youthful, college years of worry. I’m talking about the adult version of full-on stress, family obligations, life happens, joyous occasions, traumatic happenings that no one can predict or plan for, deadlines, demands, planning gatherings, caring for sick loved ones, personal and professional what-have-yous, pet sitting, house checks, travel planning, shopping, sending gifts, wrapping gifts, making your outdoor pots look beautiful. You see, no one is saved from the night time flashes of anxiety with our proverbial “to do list”.  Until now.

Enter Stephanie Borden of One & Done providing concierge and personal assistant services.

I recently met Stephanie to talk at length about her services.  Her twenty-five years experience in corporate banking gave her a strong commitment to helping others achieve their goals and a well-developed eye for detail. Stephanie is lively, well-organized, articulate and warm, and she is oh so flexible in how clients define her role because her passion is helping us get it all done.

One & Done offers many errands and services including but not limited to: personal shopping/returns, care packages, vacation prep errands, house checks, seasonal house closing and opening, event planning, new parent support, senior check-ins, gardening, house checks.  Also, you can purchase her services as a gift certificate for others!

The holidays mean the “X Factor of Busy-ness” has arrived, on steroids. The nagging toll of needing to do things for all- why not treat yourself with the special gift of time and peace of mind. Check that box and be done!

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