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Updated: Jan 10, 2019

The roaring tides and waves of the Atlantic shoreline have swept over my practical self and nature…I fell in love last month. I fell in love with “Big Little Lies” on HBO. Here’s why…

The Big Little Lies show crept up on my earlier recollection of the West Coast years. It left a lasting impression and haunts me now. This series takes place in the gorgeous Monterey, California coastal community: powerful, cascading waves crashing, homes set on the cliffs with modern décor and pristine details. Of course, the drama is unending, the story line captivating, the soundtrack incredible, the acting pivotal. But now, how does this relate to our present existence?

This past month I was moved by the amount of discipline we all strive for or actually have to have with our schedules, obligations and deadlines. I often find myself escaping the reality of the day-to-day and going back in time. Back when our biggest concern was the stubbed toe we got from chasing the ice cream truck. The whimsical days of summer seemed endless. So now with summer here, I am ready to take off into big little memories…on a bike.

My favorite summer memories pop up in technicolor. I recall the West Coast childhood days of camping in Big Sur and the Sequoia Mountains and swimming the beaches in Malibu with boogie board in tow. The avocado green VW camper stands out the most, blending well with my memories of the incredible trips with beach sand on my plastic mattress in the pop-up camper. I can still taste the delicious swordfish we grilled with some lemon and dill on the hibachi and the fire-roasted, slightly burned s’mores.

From my day-to-day summer life, I decided I needed to reconnect with my childhood, while simultaneously carrying around the gorgeous images of Big Little Lies. I want to come home and be in Monterey, or Barrington or Bristol, and totally relaxed, in another element.

Give me my childhood pastime with an adult edge.

Because I am also infatuated with the East Bay and love Bristol, I found myself magnetically drawn to the edge of the sea off charming Thames Street— I then popped into Pedego Bike and never looked back.

You see, as a girl back on the West Coast, I inevitably found joy in everything, including basic errands, transportation and obligations by whisking around on my bike. It was a Schwinn with a flowered plastic basket that held my sheets of piano music when I would pedal off to San Vincente Blvd for the weekly lesson with Mr. Pasek. This bike provided necessary transportation, exercise, fresh air and exhilaration. Free and away.

The return of these thrilling rides came about with my discovery of the electric bikes at Pedego Bikes in Bristol. Free and away again! You see, the beauty of the electric bike is that it combines our childhood past with our modern needs by giving us a choice: to pedal or not to pedal. Using an electric bike, you can pedal for a while, and then switchover by engaging the “electric” function to easily cruise up a steep hill or head straight into headwinds.

So – I took my middle-aged self over to Pedego, paid my 30 dollars and went biking for a couple of hours on the bike path which is a mere hop away from the store. This popular path winds endlessly around Bristol tightly hugging our beautiful ocean. Open air, sea, some light pedaling and my speed effortlessly increased. The journey can then go farther and faster. Eureka!

In addition to bike rental and sales (tandem bikes, too), the Pedego store carries the Biria bicycle line and all kinds of impeccable biking paraphernalia including beautiful baskets for carry on, helmets, watches and more.

As adults, we can all relate to our vivid and lush summer days of childhood, adolescence and younger years. Secretly some of us want to return. But we can’t, unless we are on a bike, swing or at an amusement park. How about that bike? Better yet, how about an electric bike?

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