A Secret Garden

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Something old, something new, something in yellow with cobalt blue.

How amazing to know we can create a gathering here in our beautiful town, right in our own backyards.  Outdoor spots can be mixed up to enchant guests. Look into your backyard for a beautiful, untouched spot to place your table.  This will be your secret garden. Look for hidden treasures and china from the past, in either storage or in local vintage stores, to display and tell a history, a story for your guests.  Mix and match old china, in all its hues. Use cake pedestals to display beautiful candles, flowers and objects to symbolize your theme or guest. Layer fabrics on your table for a tapestry mixture. Serve a wonderful signature beverage that was tradition in your family or special in some way.  Take your portable speaker or dock your phone in that secret garden for music that resonates with the occasion.


Monogrammed linen napkins from Barrington Books.

Theme and Palate

A casual and lush spring or summer outdoor breakfast, lunch, early dinner, hosted in your own backyard in a place not typically used. Can be a surprise if the table is hidden behind hedges or other greenery. A beautiful table tucked away in a garden area that pops with vibrant color. Keep your color scheme controlled to three main, dominating colors. Design the menu to be all finger foods or desserts to keep things simple, or create three or four main dishes for family-style passing.

Table Theme

Yellow is an amazing color to work with in warmer months because it exudes energy, happiness and pairs well with a rainbow of other colors. I especially love cobalt blue because this rich hue perfectly compliments yellow. Add white containers, cake stands and vases and fill with multi-color flowers and candles. Flowers can be clipped from your own garden or store bought.

Finishing Touches

Mini Champagne bottles with an attached straw and ribbon and handwritten “saying” or name add charm as individual favors for each place setting.

Easy Bay Your Way local finds

Barrington Books: Linen, monogrammed napkins. Brickyard Wine and Spirits: Mini Champagne Bottles, Mionetto Prosecco.

Dollar Store, Jonathan Adler, Target and Pier One also completed this table!

For Your Ears Only

Music for this setting definitely calls for relaxed elegance, acoustic instruments, anything “unplugged”, mixed with Norah Jones of course!

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