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Opposites Attract and the Delicate Art of Fundraising

Writer’s cramp is a real thing. Not that I am technically a writer, but I have had the regular sting of that cramp – not muscular of course – but cerebral. This pain is a chronic state of indecisiveness. It burns, but then you get used to it, and the writer’s recovery is usually swift. Like childbirth, you soon forget and are writing away again with the beautiful squeak of an indelible fine-point sharpie curving, hugging and caressing every word and phrase. It’s love.

We writer folks suffer in silence waiting for that golden Eureka! moment. Yes, that’s it! It’s here – the moment of truth. All of a sudden – puff, ideas flow, resources explode and all challenges are abolished. If only life were that easy.

Today marks the official end of my writer’s cramp – the cerebral, psychological kind.

While it has been so cool, so fun, so du jour and ever so 2018 to feature local businesses, special finds and all sorts of pretty, little things and fabulous discoveries, today’s blog turns to the art of fundraising – helping to raise financial support for our very worthwhile, non – profit organizations – that is, holding a public fund raiser… an EVENT. Now it goes without saying, to have a successful event that is truly helpful to the organization, you must meet certain challenges.

Fundraising Challenge Number One – Choosing an organization- one whose mission statement, purpose and clientele are meaningful to you and an organization that is dependent on community support to carry out its mission.

Fundraising Challenge Number Two – Because financial support of serious causes sometimes requires people having fun, you, therefore, must think like a guest. Is this a good cause? Is this a cause I want to support, where and how do I want to spend my time supporting this cause, where is it, will it be fun, who is going, how much does it cost? Is the Prosecco unlimited? Will the Event have food, dancing? The Vinnie Barbarino special in full action.

In April, I had a small, woman’s event to help raise money for The Women’s Resource Center of the East Bay. As a social worker, I know the wonderful work the Women’s Resource Center does on behalf of women and their families. This year, the Center provided thousands of women, children, men, the elderly and their families with services they need to secure their physical, mental, emotional and financial safety from domestic abuse.

For me, the Center was an amazing organization to volunteer for. Each ticket sold provided a night’s stay in a shelter.

A few keys to making this a great, fun and worthwhile party:

The Venue: Invited approximately 200 woman to The Mint Gallery, Bristol, in celebration of women and friendships with all proceeds dedicated to the Center.

The Players: Artisanal libations by 2 Gals Cocktails, Culinary Creations by Doug, rentals and design by Future Affairs Productions, DJ Twallee for tunes.

The Finishing Touches: A drag queen roamer with a show, beautiful florals and ruby red glitter lips by Lynda Williams Beauty and amazing handbags for purchase from Kent Stetson Handbags.

The Result: A fabulous time had by all, a spring-fever -ladies-night-out-party-stress buster. Several thousand dollars raised for TWC!

The Mint Gallery

433 Hope Street
Bristol, RI 02809
Ethan Tucker

Future Affairs Productions

95 Grand Avenue
Pawtucket, RI 02861
Terry Toomey

Two Gals Cocktails

Sandra McGovern and Michele Martins

Kent Stetson Handbags

Kent Stetson

Lynda Williams Beauty

Lynda Williams

DJ Twalle

Tyler Wallick

Culinary Creations by Doug

Douglas Almeida

Elizabeth Cashman Greenberg

Elizabeth Cashman Greenberg has resided in Barrington for over 14 years and delights in entertaining, designing social gatherings and marketing East Bay finds.

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