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    Opposites Attract and the Delicate Art of Fundraising

    Writer’s cramp is a real thing. Not that I am technically a writer, but I have had the regular sting of that cramp – not muscular of course – but cerebral. This pain is a chronic state of indecisiveness. It burns, but then you get used to it, and the writer’s recovery is usually swift. Like childbirth, you soon forget and are writing away again with the beautiful squeak of an indelible fine-point sharpie curving, hugging and caressing every word and phrase. It’s love. read more

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    You Had Me At Hello Hygge

    It is at this time of year that I reflect on the year previous. Why? Because, tomorrow is my birthday. As this year progressed, I was drawn to this popular and incredibly trendy “du jour” concept called “Hygge” (noun: “hue-gah”). This Danish word translates into the English equivalent of “coziness.” Specifically, a noun, which implies it is a concept, a state of being, a way of life, of doing things. “Precisely”, the Danes would say. I did notice that the material side of Hygge has oozed its way into websites, stores and commercialism: images of everything Scandinavian, fuzzy blankets, sheep-skin rugs, knitted sweaters, ginormous mugs steeping with hot cocoa, adorned…

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    A Secret Garden

    Something old, something new, something in yellow with cobalt blue. How amazing to know we can create a gathering here in our beautiful town, right in our own backyards.  Outdoor spots can be mixed up to enchant guests. Look into your backyard for a beautiful, untouched spot to place your table.  This will be your secret garden. Look for hidden treasures and china from the past, in either storage or in local vintage stores, to display and tell a history, a story for your guests.  Mix and match old china, in all its hues. Use cake pedestals to display beautiful candles, flowers and objects to symbolize your theme or guest.…

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    Dad’s Do Dinner!

    A Memorable Father’s Day Feast-  It’s Dad’s month to be pampered and we have it covered with a lavish, manly feast, courtesy of his loved ones for Father’s Day. Make Dad king for a day, give him a royal seat and serve him a special dinner using decorative touches from these local East Bay vendors: Grapes and Grains, Daisy Dig’ins, Alfred’s Consignment, and the Regency Cigar Emporium. Theme: The king is served as medieval royalty with overflowing portions.  Each father wears a paper crown decorated with his name. Have the children decorate the crowns and a “cape” or special chair as his throne. read more