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    Lil’ Rhody Meets the Big Apple

    It is a brand spanking New Year and before I set sail for the lovely Warren and Bristol, I wanted to reflect a bit, no A LOT, on the incredible conveniences of Barrington businesses. I thought and thought about all the spots I love and rely on in town and then stopped at my top 10.  There are WAY more than 10 places, but I HAD to stop at some point, and there is something about the number ten — maybe that perfect number, the famous numerical rating system, some numerological coincidental jackpot number, David Letterman, etc. Okay it’s all coming back to me now. Phew, take 10 deep breaths. read…

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    I Just Called To Say I Love You.

    Remember that iconic song by Stevie Wonder?  They called to say they cared, they loved you and they meant it from the bottom of their heart.  Now its “i ❤️u” on the screen. We text. We tweet. We email.  The art of the phone call, the handwritten note, the human voice- not an automated woman with some sort of computer-generated British accent- has died.  But really has it?  Can we force ourselves to personally connect, would it be such an effort to dial, to talk?  Even better, how about sending something that says how much you care. read more

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    One and Done

    Concierge & Personal Assistant Services The Ultimate Errand Fairy for the Holiday Season and Beyond I like juggling but would prefer it stays at the circus.  We all remember those vivid 2 a.m. moments of anxiety, especially during the holiday season. I always think, “Where is that elf to just whittle away these errands? Could the tooth fairy pitch in for a day or so?  How are we possibly going to do X-Y-Z?”  Now, these are not the chores of those youthful, college years of worry. I’m talking about the adult version of full-on stress, family obligations, life happens, joyous occasions, traumatic happenings that no one can predict or plan…

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    Linen and Concrete

    I cannot CONTAIN the excitement. Fall is here. No, it’s not. Yes, it is.  As much as we throw ourselves into denial we are catapulted into the back to school, pumpkin-fest, sports-laden, Halloween-calling season. It is mildly depressing to see the displays in August with a Thanksgiving prelude.  Yes, as my friend, Debbi, always asks, “Who are these people?  Identify yourself. You with your October Christmas wreath displays!” Deep breath. I have found a seasonal solution for those of us who are longing for a better way. A solution that carries us from September right into post -Thanksgiving, tryptophan-induced napping. From frigid, barren February right back to lush summer.  The…

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    Here’s Looking at you, Ginger!

    The dog days of summer are leading to my anticipation of the new school year…   So I totally get it.  The dog thing.  We finally have our first dog, Ginger, and she is the best, sweetest, shaggiest puppy.  She’s not a toy dog so I figured we would not be outfitting her or fussing her up.  Wrong!  Before I knew it, I found myself at Styles Unleashed Pet Boutique and Grooming Salon on Waseca in Barrington, purchasing barrettes for her and admiring fall sweater coats.  Then there were the treats to chew- yummy,  safe, and healthy. I even caved to a decorative dog placemat.All this talk about kids going back to…

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    For the Love of Leon’s-

    Leon’s, oh where have you been? Ah, in Barrington now as Leon’s Café and Catering! I recently met Leon’s owner and Chef Bill Andrews, and he prepared outstanding light bites and treats for a ladies group I hosted. Now, there are three things that make a great party: food, music and wonderful friends. I always like to add two more: soft lighting and no fuss preparation. Did you know that The Barefoot Contessa has changed her ways? She wants to enjoy her guests more, so she limits her homemade dishes for dinner parties to three and preps all her no-bake appetizers in advance.  Smart! read more