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    Opposites Attract and the Delicate Art of Fundraising

    Writer’s cramp is a real thing. Not that I am technically a writer, but I have had the regular sting of that cramp – not muscular of course – but cerebral. This pain is a chronic state of indecisiveness. It burns, but then you get used to it, and the writer’s recovery is usually swift. Like childbirth, you soon forget and are writing away again with the beautiful squeak of an indelible fine-point sharpie curving, hugging and caressing every word and phrase. It’s love. read more

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    It used to be easier, I suppose, way back when we only needed our Dove soap, Nivea Cream and Jolene Bleach. If you were fancy, you indulged in a home-made remedy such as a masque or mud-pack. I remember using egg whites for my masque and sometimes oatmeal. (It almost became lunch!)  Oh, and the famous Queen Helen Mint Julep Mask- a dark leafy green, muddy goop that you slathered over your entire face, whites of your eyes and teeth flashing, and head wrapped in an Egyptian cotton terry turban. My mother regularly used the Queen Helen and, as a young girl, I followed suit. Once your pores started peeking…

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    BIG LITTLE MEMORIES – Pedego Bike, Bristol

    The roaring tides and waves of the Atlantic shoreline have swept over my practical self and nature…I fell in love last month. I fell in love with “Big Little Lies” on HBO. Here’s why… The Big Little Lies show crept up on my earlier recollection of the West Coast years. It left a lasting impression and haunts me now. This series takes place in the gorgeous Monterey, California coastal community: powerful, cascading waves crashing, homes set on the cliffs with modern décor and pristine details. Of course, the drama is unending, the story line captivating, the soundtrack incredible, the acting pivotal. But now, how does this relate to our present…

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    Mother’s Little Helper- Simone’s

    The Rolling Stones were onto something when they wrote that famous song “Mother’s Little Helper”, in 1966. Mother, wife, short-order cook, schlepper, cleaner and “quicker picker upper”- just a few words to describe the hundreds of rather mundane tasks I do, as do the other Moms. It does make one wilted and just a tiny bit cranky…maybe a lot. There is something universally sobering and somber about Monday nights. Just when you got out of the Sunday night blues, here is Ms. Monday with her stiff upper lip, negative demeanor and icy ways. She is serious and oh such the party pooper. The routine of the week has kick-started with…

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    Spring Cleaning – the other kind.

    Typically, we all have our Spring cleaning objectives. How many years in a row do we say, clean the garage, lose 10, organize these files, stop this, stop that, make your iPhoto’s reachable and touchable to “The Cloud”, download, purge, be good? I am done with that. So, let’s reflect on the “other kind of Spring cleaning”. Off I go to Warren (oh it’s so far!) to savor and reflect at The Coffee Depot on Main Street. The Coffee Depot is a stomping ground superb- a quiet, unassuming café to sit, socialize or complete a project. Love this. read more

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    You Had Me At Hello Hygge

    It is at this time of year that I reflect on the year previous. Why? Because, tomorrow is my birthday. As this year progressed, I was drawn to this popular and incredibly trendy “du jour” concept called “Hygge” (noun: “hue-gah”). This Danish word translates into the English equivalent of “coziness.” Specifically, a noun, which implies it is a concept, a state of being, a way of life, of doing things. “Precisely”, the Danes would say. I did notice that the material side of Hygge has oozed its way into websites, stores and commercialism: images of everything Scandinavian, fuzzy blankets, sheep-skin rugs, knitted sweaters, ginormous mugs steeping with hot cocoa, adorned…